By Preeti Kanani

This article may be of interest to:

  • content strategists, marketers and creatives working in branded content or native advertising

  • journalists in the field of branded content

  • media entrepreneurs of a branded content studio

1. Story Telling

  • create engaging content and compelling stories

  • amplify your brand's central messaging with story mining techniques to engage the end user

  • focus primarily on brand’s objectives that resonates in our daily lives

2. Strategizing

  • create a strategy brief, ideation brief and content proposal

  • understand the context, the client and the end user

  • develop native solutions to drive new business

  • differentiate yourself in advertising

  • build a clear and employable strategy

  • identify opportunities to build a comprehensive content

  • ideate stories that audiences will care about

  • brainstorm the ins and outs of production, ideating, pitching, reporting, writing and editing

  • in-time decision to switch from traditional editorial to native advertising

  • identify the roadblocks and pitfalls to avoid

3. Brand Building

  • design and build a compelling brand story through idea-first narratives

  • leverage technology to create memorable brand interactions

  • develop a strong context to live up to the design trends

  • set the expectations in today’s fast-paced (multi-faceted) industry

  • create the power with quality in design for the best user experience

  • convey a clear design strategy, regardless of the platform

  • adhere to the client objectives and translate them visually

  • evolve, adapt and improvise basis insights from reports and data

4. Video Marketing

  • video is an engaging and essential tool from landing-page to in-house content

  • a powerful and increasingly important component of both editorial and content marketing strategies.

  • easily consumed and infinitely shareable

  • expertly executed video can take you to another level

  • understand the ins and outs of advertising, video conception and production

  • have a clear approach while developing the video content

  • generate a story that works for brand and appreciated and loved by consumers

5. Attract and Engage the digital audience

  • identify, reach and attract the right readers for branded stories across owned, earned and paid channels

  • discover the critical role audience development

  • craft content concepts that audiences will engage with

  • study the uses of different social distribution channels

  • measure the success of branded content campaigns, including use of analytics tools

  • understand past campaign data to future concepts

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